Senior portrait session | Alaina | Jackson, MI senior portrait photographer

Alaina is truly one of those rare souls that lights up a room with just a flick of a smile upon her face.  I met Alaina when I did her older sister's senior portraits. She is also in band with my sister, so our paths have crossed a few times since last year!  When her mom called to schedule Alaina's session, I jumped for joy!  I was trusted once with their oldest child's most important photos until they get married...and they chose to come back to me!!  

Alaina loves Ella Sharp Park, a local park in Jackson.  I was told they came here many many times when her and her siblings were younger, so what a perfect place to start!  Then we headed to a historic law office building for a unique element.  I loved the mauve colored stone and the old wood; I need to photograph there again, it would be awesome at sunset!   We finished up back at their home to catch the last rays of sun before it dipped down behind the tree line, and ended our session at the Northwest Mountie stadium.  We couldn't have asked for a better day!  Thank you, Alaina and Shawn, for allowing me to capture the beauty that is Alaina!  She is such a joy to have in front of the camera!! 

 I had rented a lens specifically for her session as I thought she would be my only senior gal, I wanted to have a little fun (but a large thanks to Alaina for sharing her love of my work, she recommended me everywhere and TWO of her friends will be working with me and we'll be doing their session in the next couple weeks!!!) It is the Petzfal Lomography 85mm 2.2 lens.  With it's unique Russian glass, it creates a swirly bokeh effect in the images.  (I didn't use it for all the images, I bounced back and forth with my sigma 50mm art) It's COMPLETELY manual.  Those geeky in camera lingo - to change the aperture, I had to remove and replace metal plates within the lens! There was also a focus dial to hone in on your subject.  I did a lot of "spray and pray"  while rotating the dial so I'd have a few choices when I got home to work!  Overall...such a fun lens to play with!!