1st birthday/smash cake | Evangeline | Jackson, MI portrait photographer

My baby is ONE!!!  (three months ago!)   The life of a mother of a one year old, a wife to a busy and ultra hard working husband, and owner of my own photography business....things get put on the back burner.  I have hated that I've not been able to actually look through the images I'd taken at her birthday party.  While going through them, I had to finally just sit and edit some!!  

The first year of her life was tough on me.  Truly, being a mother takes so much, so much more than I ever thought.  You give nearly 10 months growing a child, you give yourself while birthing, you give up sleep to try to nurse every two hours, you give hugs, kisses, baths, smiles, time, energy, your heart and soul...with nothing in return.  It is absolutely exhausting and you think it will never end.  Sometimes you spiral downward into a darkness, other times it's just a shade of blue.  For me, I started to spiral.  But thankfully, I had the help I needed to be able to overcome it and willingly give my all to my child.   It has made all the difference.  

She is the most spectacular human being.  The things she learns on a daily basis is nothing short of a miracle.  A person, not two years ago was smaller than a speck of dust, repeating words, giving hugs to other kids who are crying, who gives kisses to her kitties and parents, who jumps for joy at a favorite song.  

At now 15 months, she finally says mama, (that was taking a while), dada like it's going out of style, ball, bubbles, kitty, dog, she signs more, all done, eat, please, and thank you.  She giggles when you tickle her cheeks or belly, she loves her hair played with, she knows how to stomp and clap, knows where her ears, eyes, hair, nose, tongue, teeth, hands, belly button, and piggies (toes) are.  She is learning and repeating new things every day.  When I say we are going to see Grandma, she drops whatever she's doing and runs to the door with her arms up expecting to be picked up!  I love her to pieces and she loves her mama and daddy.  Happy (belated) birthday, little one! 

Cake from my wonderful old boss, Courtney of Cake Nouveau.  I decorated the party and the cute little smash cake area.  Ladybug onesie from ShilohMystieDesigns on Etsy.   Red and black headband from Think Pink Bows from Etsy.