Evening engagement session | Jackson, MI | Laura & Cody

I have known Laura for a few years now...actually more than just a few, I want to say about 6 or 7 years!  I knew her as the bubbly, friendly, go getter high schooler; great friends with one of my close friends, so we were together quite a bit.   Though life got busy and we didn't stay in contact as much, we still Facebooked it up.   

Fast forward to a few years and miss Laura has grown up and gotten engaged!!  Though I still see the adorable girl who can out-chatter me, I am so proud to see her making her way in life.  When I met Cody, my first thought was he's too quiet for her!  But as we continued on in our session, I realized they balance each other out so beautifully.  They are yin and yang, two souls as one.  The way he made sure she was comfortable, the way he looked at her when she wasn't looking, it made my heart jump for Laura!  I cannot wait to see how life unfolds for them...and their adorable fluffy little kitty!! 

I am so excited to photograph your wedding next year, Laura and Cody!    Thank you for having me along on this ride with you <3