Ella Sharp Park proposal | Jackson, MI | Darren & Danielle

My big brother got engaged!   Ok, so we're not really related, but we looked so much alike, I have been his li'l sis and he's my big brother for nearly 10 years now.  Darren and I met doing a summer musical shortly after I graduated high school.  We became fast friends and hung out in the same group.  Members of the cast constantly asked if we were related because of our facial similarities.  Because he treated me like his little sister, we dubbed each other siblings at heart! 

In the last 10 years, I have watched this guy go from a goofy barely-20 something boy to a fabulous father.  In him becoming a father, he matured - a little.  (though try asking his fiancĂ© if he's matured and she'll slyly roll her eyes!) And then he found Danielle.   

Danielle is truly his other half.  She manages to put up with his sandwich memes and jokes, his side-winding stories, and more.  At the same time, she brings out a bit more of his maturity, his soft side, and his more grown up voice.    Together, they create such a caring and loving powerhouse.  I truly don't think I've ever seen my big brother as happy as he is with her.  Darren is also such a wonderful father figure for Danielle's little one - you know, the make goofy faces, tickle fights, and awesome movie nights - kinda figure. 

I was beyond thrilled when Darren asked me to photograph him proposing to his love at Ella Sharp Park. It was at this park where they said "I love you" for the first time.  We had been planning this for months...and she had NO idea!   He had written love notes that were stashed all around town that she had to figure out clues to the next one.  Each location had a significant meaning to them.  It all lead up to this moment.  Danielle simply thought she was just taking a detour for family photos. 

Darren with the kiddos, looking much calmer than I expected, poised and ready - ring safely hidden behind his back.  Danielle pulls up looking slightly confused.  I start snapping away.   They had a couple moments together and then he got down on one knee.  (at this point, I was really wishing I had some tissues in my camera bag!)  Of course she said yes!!   The kids were happy, Darren was happy, Danielle and I were crying, it was a blast.  

I am so excited for these two to tie the knot next September.  And be on the lookout for their engagement session that we'll be shooting in a couple weeks!!! Enjoy :)