Summer evening family session | Jackson, MI

With the mid-Michigan weather on the chilly side, my mind keeps wandering to days of golden sun, nice warm breezes, and lots of green instead of brown and white!   I decided to dig through my summer sessions and this one in particular helped me feel warm and fuzzy inside while it's blustery outside.  

I've known the Latocki family for just a short while; we go to the same church - Rivertree Community Church off Lansing Ave in Jackson, MI.  (We actually did the first part of our session on Rivertree's grounds!  It made for a perfect backdrop to a fun, sweet session!) We've said hi in passing and shared small talk stories, but it wasn't until the time of our session that I was really able to feel comfortable and break the ice and just chat with them!   

My favorite story was actually about these two above!  (though the story was told while I was pregnant, it is still super cute). They went in to find the gender of the baby and came out finding out they were going to be parents to twins!  What a perfectly imperfect surprise :)  And these two kids are outstanding.  With extracurricular activities that are more like passions, they put their all into everything they do.  Their younger sister, Miss O, is just as vibrant with a little more spunk! She marches to the beat of her own drum and I've found that to be her most redeeming quality.  Well, I will stop chatting and let you get on with checking out photos from the rest of their session! 

Thank you Josh and Jennifer for letting me get a small peek into your beautiful family!   I adored the opportunity to work with you and I can't wait to photograph you guys again!