A peek into products - wall art | Jackson, MI

Last month, we chatted a bit about leather albums I offer to my clients, brides especially - you can find that blog post here.  This month, we are diving deeper into wall art!   

I offer a variety of high quality products such as gift and mounted prints, metals, canvas, etc., but my absolute favorite mediums are metal prints.    Metal prints are images printed on high quality aluminum, with the option of either a clear base or a white base. gives the illusion of a crisp colored print, where the clear base actually shows the aluminum through the image.  If opting for a clear base, lighter images tend to print better.  Larger metal prints come with metal brackets for hanging that have a depth of 3/4" to give the illusion of floating on the wall.  Smaller metal prints can be ordered free standing or with a small gator board block for hanging.  

Here is my best friend's GORGEOUS metal print of one of my favorite images from the Jackson County Fair! 

Here is my best friend's GORGEOUS metal print of one of my favorite images from the Jackson County Fair! 

Another classic display medium is the premium canvas gallery wrap.  Your images can be displayed beautifully on canvas, stretched on premium wood bars with tightly and professionally wrapped corners and hung with saw tooth hangers, wall bumpers, and a paper dust backing to help protect your stunning portrait.   All of the products I offer are printed on with professional grade printers, and I am color calibrated to those printers - which means printed through me, I can guarantee impeccable quality you can't get at a big box store.  

Above, a 16"x24" premium canvas gallery wrap is the perfect addition to any home.  It's the perfect "big" size if you're just entering the fine art world! Not too big to feel overwhelming, but shows amazing details that you just can't achieve when printed at 8"x10" or smaller. 

As you can see, your images can make a stunning wall display.  For the generation who has their life documented more than any other generation, we sure don't have my prints to show for it.  Let's change that.  Message me to have your family portraits or a wedding collage created to display for all to see and to be passed down for generations.