Cadee & Kyle | Family Farm Wedding | Jackson, MI

I initially met Cadee in the Hunt Club parking lot here in Jackson, Michigan.  Her and her fiancé, Kyle, were having my father in law be their pastor and we had happened to run into them on our way out.  My father in law, Dave, introduced me and said "Oh hey, Tiffany is a wedding photographer!" I introduced myself and handed her a card, not expecting it to go anywhere further as I had assumed she had already chosen a photographer for her wedding day.  

A couple months go by, and I get an email from Cadee.  I was thrilled!  Kyle and Cadee had been high school sweethearts...since eighth grade!  I had to make sure their wedding day was captured perfectly!  

Cadee and Kyle had their wedding at their family farm in Grass Lake.  Nestled in among the cows and fields, the ladies and men were preparing for the day.  Cadee's dress was and is still my favorite gown I've come across - a gown dyed a gray ombre with a layer of lace atop a layer of sewn sequins. The gown glistened like no other.  

The ceremony and reception took place in a cleared out barn.  They had it decorated exquisitely.  Vows were said and tears were shed.  It really was such a romantic moment between the two of them, proclaiming their love to each other with God.  My heart was full as I watched them unite as one.  

Look on to check out all the details of their day and celebrate all over with them :) 


Their day was absolutely marvelous.  So much love and laughter surrounded them.  I have been thrilled to be a part of their wedding and to share it with all of you.